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What is a Makeup Artist?

When asked about my profession people automatically presume I am someone who either works on a beauty counter, in a store applying and assisting the public to purchase cosmetic brands, or they would assume I am a beauty therapist who applies pretty makeup to brides on their wedding day.

This in fact is far from the line of work in which I have created my career. (Although from time to time I do enjoy doing Bridal Hair & Makeup for a clients special day).

A Makeup Artist creates a character or an image designed by a production company for a TV drama, Film or Theatre Company or a product brand. Of course, once an established Makeup Artist you are often enlisted to help celebrity clientèle look their best at premiers and special events.

A Makeup Artist uses his or her creative expertise to encompass all that is asked in a design brief. Through a consumption of scripts, or a collection of images (in the form of a book, face charts or mood-boards) The Makeup Artist is able to portray an accurate representation of a character in a story to the viewer and equally importantly enables the actor/ actress to bring alive their character.

In other forms of Media Makeup artistry, The Makeup Artist helps to sell a brand image.

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There are many types of Makeup Artists at various levels within numerous production companies. If you are thinking about becoming a Makeup Artist you must start by learning the basics in order to climb the ladder. There are so many exciting avenues in which you could take, and so many stimulating career opportunities out there.  Over the coming weeks, I will try and break the Makeup Artist industry down for you so you can see who we are and what we really do! (In a nutshell if I can)!

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