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Welcome to BAMM Yasmin

Yasmin Ho Bamm Student 2028
Current Student on the Peter Swords King Television & Film Makeup & Hair Course

Meet Yasmin Ho who is one week into the Peter Swords King Television & Film Makeup & Hair Course at The Bath Academy of Media Makeup

Name & Age

Yasmin Ho, age 21

Reason for choosing BAMM

I chose to go to BAMM because I wanted to improve my makeup skills and I needed a challenge.


Background info- previous makeup related courses undertaken

I’ve completely level 2 hair & media makeup and level 3 fashion and photography makeup. I’ve also self taught myself SFX makeup too.

Who or what inspires you

What inspires me is the feeling I get when I’ve done something amazing with makeup.


Reason behind Makeup Artistry career choice

The reason I’ve decided to do makeup was that I’ve always been insecure and that was until I discovered makeup and it made me more confident as a person. I’ve always been a creative person but I have tried to push myself to be more academic being in a private school. But after I left school I just embraced my passion for art and creativeness and found makeup after all that.

Any specialty areas of interest- where you see yourself working in the future 

I absolutely love SFX, I hate looking at blood and injuries in real life which is weird. But I see myself working with SFX makeup on films in the future.