Welcome Hannah Charlton BAMM Student

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Hannah is currently on week three of the Peter Swords King Television & Film Makeup & Hair Course at The Bath Academy of Media Makeup. We took some time out to get to know her better. Hear is what Hannah had to say about herself.

Hannah Charlton BAMM MUA Student

Hannah Charlton BAMM MUA Student

I’ve always like learning and since from a young age this has always been the industry I wanted to go into, going to university for 3 years didn’t seem for me and after completing level 2 and level 3 hair and media makeup in college, I wanted something fast pacing where I can get taught by the best, BAMM is an ambitious and driven academy and has met the high expectation that I had.

My favourite artist ever will have to be Pat McGrath, she has been involved in every trend, always classic but with a little edge. Rick Baker is an extremely talented artist and his creations have always interested me.

Theatre and live production have always been my end goal, it would be so fortunate that my job could let me travel the world. Since very little my mum has always taken me to the theatre, going to my first production of Mary Poppins, I was memorised seeing her float above the audience with her umbrella and gorgeous red lipstick that always stuck in my mind, I’ve always wondered how they pull off the magic and excitement of creating a story.

Makeup does wonders to everyone and I want to be apart of making people feel and look good.