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My Time at BAMM by Tanika Lee


A before and after shot

Previous to my time at BAMM I worked in a call centre taking customer service calls and emails for a variety of companies.  Becoming a student at BAMM was quite a change of surroundings and I’m honestly enjoying every moment of it.

I’m so grateful for all of the brilliant tutors who have been a part of the Peter Swords King TV and Film Makeup course; they have passed on so much of their personal experiences and so many industry tips for the future.  They’ve all been very passionate, approachable and have genuinely had our best interests at heart from day one. They have shown support, encouragement and attentiveness to detail all the way up to ,and including during, the numerous course photoshoot days.

If you’re a future student or wondering what it’s all about, a few things I’ve encountered on this course are:

  • The friendly face of Bill, who keeps the surroundings spotless and is more than happy to step in and model for demonstrations as well as for photoshoot days.
  • A down to earth, understanding & patient principal/tutor: Melanie Crump.  Mel has lots of advice to share and swiftly breaks the ice with her personable nature and great sense of humour.
  • Stacey Toulson is the office manager and is occasionally used for demos & trial application days.  Stacey is very friendly, funny and ever so helpful.
  • And then, of course, there’s the inspiring Peter Swords King himself!
  • The photographer: Guy Traynor is exceptionally patient, welcoming and calming. All of these qualities are exactly what is needed on a photoshoot day.
  • Liz Bugg takes behind the scene photos on shoot days. She is absolutely lovely and even helped me figure out the camera I bought to use on the course.
Body Art Module
Facial Postiche Module

As a group of students coming from various backgrounds, jobs and careers, we’ve all embraced and supported each other and have really grown together over the past few months.  On occasions, models have been unable to make it on the photoshoot days due to unforeseeable circumstances. However, BAMM and fellow students have always been happy to help source other models, or even step in front of the camera themselves.

On photoshoot days we’ve all pulled together, washed brushes and pack away kits for each other.  Overall as a group, we have a new found sense of appreciation for the industry, as well as a love for something we may not have initially anticipated.

It truly has been a family dynamic.

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