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The Perfect Eye-liner Flick by Rhianna Marie

The last blog entering our 2015 Blog Competition comes from Rhianna Davies, who studied on our Bridal Makeup Course earlier in the year. Rhianna has been super busy since leaving us- perfecting her makeup artistry and building her portfolio with fashion shoot work and wedding fairs a plenty. I have a feeling that the 2016 wedding season is going to leave little time spare for Rhianna.


eye-line-flick-3‘How do you create the perfect eye-liner flick?’ she asked me. This is a question that I think every woman has asked in their lifetime. Some of us asked this question when we were very young.  Some of us continue to ask it today. It is certainly a question I get asked almost every time I apply makeup to a client. There is no definitive answer. There are many ways to create the perfect eye-liner flick; you just need to find the most comfortable way for you to apply it and then practice, practice, practice!

Makeup has always been a passion of mine. I was always tottering around in my mother’s high heels with her precious Chanel lipstick smeared over my lips and cheeks (this is still the case today except the high heels and makeup are my own and it is definitely not smeared across my face)!

After years of adding to my collection, I now have a collection of makeup brushes that I am rather proud of. I do not stick to one brand, I often mix and match and sometimes the best brushes can even be found in art stores. Although time consuming, I get great satisfaction in having a freshly cleaned and sterilised brush put back into my collection- ready for its next task of making the beautiful, even more beautiful! My 14 month old son also has quite a fascination with my makeup brushes and has been caught (on more than one occasion) using my beautiful brushes to clean the toilet seat with! Needless to say I had to sadly wave goodbye to the said brushes! I often wonder what would happen to my treasured makeup kit and brushes had I been the mother of 2 young girls rather than boys- thoughts of broken lipsticks, crushed bronzer and empty foundations come to mind!

The smoky eye:



This is definitely my favourite look. In my opinion, there is nothing better than flawless looking skin and a fabulous smoky eye (think dark browns, coppers, bronzes- my ideal colour palette). They key to perfection is to blend, blend and when you think you have blended enough, blend just a little more. The smoky eye also works perfectly well with this time of year: Autumn. With your hair in a high pony tail, wearing chunky knits, woolly hats and scarves, a smoky eye can really stand out.

Often overlooked, the smoky eye works great for a bridal look with a difference. It is a very modern style and looks stunning in professional photographs. It was only last Sunday that I applied a smoky eye to a model for a bridal fashion shoot. She looked simply amazing walking down the runway. Once she had finished modelling and as I was packing away my makeup kit, she approached me. I have a question I wanted to ask you, she said… ‘How do you create the perfect eye-liner flick?…


You can see more of Rhianna’s work on her Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/RhiannaMarieMakeupArtist

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