The BAMM VIP Launch!

VIP launch – 25th October

Our Halloween themed event was aimed at giving the media something to really talk about, and at the same time, meet and greet local film, theatre, TV and beauty ‘movers and shakers’ in and around Bath.

Instead of a simple ‘party’ we decided to use the event to showcase the talents of our amazing tutors in a number of grisly and gruesome – but also – stunningly gorgeous exhibits  of pure media makeup skill.

Faye Ward created Freddie Krueger from, Neves model, Harry Tucker and Maria Leyden transformed Emma Corbett into Freddie’s bride.  The BBC televised the makeover on Points West News.

Maria Leyden, later, even had time to create topless body artwork on Mel’s youngest sister, Kim,  in Halloween form!


Angela Williams produced the Mexican Dead, modelled by Bath Spa Performing Arts student Katrina Downe.

Vincent Silvester worked his magic on our Vampirette waitresses, Arabella Johnson, Isabella Sheppard and Georgia Sheppard, whilst Emma Rankin did their makeup.

Our doormen; Tristan and Quentin Johnson, were transformed into Vampires by Juliette Argent.

Paul Paintin created Jack the Ripper who loitered in the entrance alleyway looking out for the lady guests and was played by Bath Spa Performing Arts Student Aaron Gouldthorpe.

Juliette Argent gave Melanie’s older sister, Jo, a rather vampy fashion Avant-Garde look with Vincent Silvester creating the ‘not to be missed’ hair do.

Maya M created the stunning makeup on Posion Ivy on Kelly Mead with Vincent Silvester styling hair.

Paul Paintin then  worked on Bath Spa’s performing  arts student Ellen Bishop to create an incredibly realistic Jack the Ripper victim! Using one of his own hand knotted wigs!

And Darren Longthorne set to work on the incredible autopsy of the ‘dead’ Ceri Armstrong (from the murder mystery company ‘Murder We Wrote’).  Robin Mummy, director of ‘murder We Wrote’ posed as a film director to the autospsy horror movie scene.  The grime reaper watched over the bed and scenes from Nosferatu were projected onto the ceiling.  Surgical theatre tools from the Circle hospital were borrowed for Darren, who was dressed in theatre scrubs, and dirty funky beats boomed out.

The BAMM courtyard was turned into a fog laden graveyard where guests sipped Champagne chilling in cauldrons bubbling with mist whilst warming themselves against a fire-pit.  There was a red carpet entrance, hand carved pumpkins and witchy props scattered throughout.  No room was left untouched- with even a crime scene in the bathroom, where blood and bloodied hand prints covered the walls. The set was like something from a Hammer Horror film.  As the sun faded, the pumpkins were lit and everything started getting just a little bit….spooooooky!

The first to turn up were BBC Points West who loved what we were doing so much, they decided to stay the whole afternoon!

They set to work shooting and interviewing the tutors at work, discussing BAMM with Melanie and asking our first student just what it was like being on a media makeup course!

The resulting coverage was aired on the TV that evening and gave the academy a real taste of things to come!

[fbvideo id=342754755819674 width="590"]

The clock struck 6.00pm and people started to arrive, greeted by our devilish doormen, having their pictures taken by Paolo Ferla, a glass of Champagne and then being directed straight into the middle of the filming of the autopsy horror movie scene where the supposedly dead was indeed not!  Spine chilling screams from the autopsy victim ensured that all guests were suitably terrified as they entered the dimly lit room.

BAMM PR lady Michelle Baker, of Caffeine Communications, who was responsible for generating all the great media coverage for the day is pictured here with Dracula and her friend Caroline.

Jon Williams, Sam Kirby, Sue Bradbrooke and Sue Bardwell from the charity ‘Changing Faces’.  Sue is on-board as a BAMM tutor and will be teaching Camouflage, so it was great to see the whole team turn up!

VIP guests included William Beck (known for his appearances on television drama ‘Royston White’, BBC One series Robin Hood and as Dylan Keogh on BBC One’s Casualty) and wife Hannah Gravney-Beck  as well as Stuart Manning (known for the role of Russ Owen in the British Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks and also his appearance on ITV’s ‘I’m a celebrity, Get me out of here!’)


With guests arriving thick and fast, interviews being carried out with Melanie and the rest of the tutors, and the Champagne flowing, the guests were then treated to sumptuous canapés created by the amazing Ben Tucker and served by the Vampirettes and the dashing Neves (and Hollister) model Harry Tucker!

At 8.00pm Casualty star, Will Beck, did us the great honour of cutting the ribbon after Mel gave her speech; BAMM was officially off and running!

The only thing left to do was finish off the Champagne, hand out the goody bags and plan a very interesting evening visiting the bars and clubs in Bath, in full makeup and costume!  But… there’s another story!