Skin Camouflage Makeup Course

The Skin Camouflage Makeup course covers techniques for covering up tattoos as well as camouflage makeup for vitiligo and other Medical conditions

Skin Colour Correction

This is an introductory course designed by Medical Skin Camouflage practitioner and Makeup Artist Sue Bardwell from the Charity run organisation Changing Faces. The course also includes camouflage makeup for vitiligo, medical conditions and camouflage makeup for tattoos

This course is for anyone be they a professional makeup artist or a beginner who wishes to become competent in colour correction for skin camouflage. Whether you are already a practising makeup artist, a newly qualified MUA, or simply wanting to enhance your makeup skills.

Skin camouflage makeup is the application of specialist, highly-pigmented creams and powders applied to the face or the body. When applied correctly, understanding colour correction and application techniques, these cream and powder formulations have incredible longevity and can remain waterproof for several hours. They can be used to reduce the appearance of a mark, scar or skin condition.

Camouflage Makeup for Tattoos

Camouflage makeup for tattoos will show that Just about any tattoo can be covered up whether it is large, small, dark or brightly coloured by using an appropriate foundation and colour correction creme product while employing the correct techniques. The course will show you how to achieve good coverup by developing a strategy for each client by understanding their needs and the various product options to achieve them.

Medical Skin Specialists

After the healing process, the skin may be raised or discoloured because of the collagen your body produces to help reconnect broken tissue leaving some scarring. While some scarring can be removed or reduced by surgery, steroid injections or silicone sheets to flatten the scar, skin camouflage may still be required to hide it, and we will show you the various coverup techniques.

Another condition that can be treated by skin camouflage is Vitiligo where patches of skin lack Melanin, which is the colouring agent in your skin. There is no known cure for Vitiligo, so an effective skin camouflage regime is an essential aid to looking good. To find out more Click Here and get in touch with us.

A “BAC” Approved Academy

We are a BAC approved Academy recommend this course to all makeup artists as it provides an excellent foundation in understanding camouflage makeup colour correction and will most definitely give you confidence and an edge to your professional skills.

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All participants receive a certificate of attendance for this course.

Changing Faces

If you have not heard of Changing Faces they are a charity that provide advice, support and psychosocial services. They are the UK’s leading charity to help anyone with a facial or body marking or disfigurement.

Course Dates

Times: 9.30am – 4.30pm

29th June 2020

5th October 2020


£120 (inc. VAT)

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