Code of Conduct for working with children and young persons 

Children and young people are able to enjoy a selection of 1 day workshops at Bath Academy of Media Makeup (BAMM) 

The tutors at BAMM have special responsibilities to the children and young people they work with. 

This Code of Conduct provides clear guidance on the type of practice that will meet these responsibilities. Good conduct not only prevents incidence and allegations but also helps to highlight any conduct (by other people) that is unsafe or unprofessional. 

Therefore those working with children or young people should: 

  • Be professional and maintain a high standards of personal behaviour at all times. 
  • Try to work in an open and accountable manner at all times. Working in view of others whenever possible. Be wary of working alone and unobserved. Be willing to accept questions or criticism regarding good practice. 
  • Expect others to work in an open and accountable way, question and criticise the practice of others if necessary. 
  • Maintain a professional relationship with children at all times.
  • Not be under the influence of drink, drugs or illegal substances when working with children or young people. 
  • Use appropriate and respectful forms of discipline and communication. 
  • Do not discriminate against a child because of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin or sexual identity. 
  • Design and use training methods and programmes which are appropriate to the individual child. 
  • Always be vigilant and aware of how makeup effects could be interpreted by children. 

Safeguarding Policy

BAMM will take seriously any suspicion or allegation of abuse or any disclosure of concern made by the child or young person. 

If a concern comes to our attention, we will record the information including all relevant details, being sure to record opinions or feelings as such. We will not record them as facts. We will not question or interview the person involved in the incident of concern. 

We will report any concerns within the area of child protection (physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect or bullying) in confidence and without delay. If the right people cannot be contacted and there appears to be an immediate risk we will contact the Police or local Children’s Services, NSPCC Helpline or ChildLine. 


BAMM has taken the Level 3 Safeguarding Children Training Course (Level 3- Safeguarding Certificate held by Melanie Weekley and Stacey Toulson) accredited by CPD and has a Prevent Risk Assessment Action Plan in place, as instructed by the BAC.