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Never a better time!

Considering a career in TV and Film? Well now is the perfect time to
train as a makeup and hair artist. There’s been a surge in TV and Film productions in the UK since October. BAMM Creative Director Peter Swords King said the months of inaction has meant many productions restarted at the same time. Add to that the distancing
and safety requirements has led to more MUAs being needed on set.
Normally a highly competitive industry, Peter believes more doors will
be open than ever before due to the demand.
“I would say it’s a really good time to get in. Don’t hang about because
I know that nearly every studio is now nearly full to capacity with work going on and there’s more coming up. And you’ve got to remember Shepperton are set to become the second biggest studio in the world. Their expansion plan is enormous. Netflix, Amazon,
Disney+ are also flocking to the UK.”
BAMM Principal Melanie Weekley says all courses have been adapted to
ensure students are not only practising covid safety standards in the classroom studio but they are learning how to operate safely on film and TV sets.
“The makeup departments are already among the safest in the industry
but we are making sure our students graduate confident in knowing how to make actors feel comfortable and safe. As awful as this year has been for so many, this is definitely a huge silver lining for those wanting to start a new and exciting career and trained
by the best tutors here at BAMM.

Don’t delay! Whether you are choosing a career or changing a career, now
is the time to sign up for a training course at BAMM. Our next intake starts in January so graduates will be perfectly timed for the Spring boom in film and TV productions. Get set ready, get safety conscious and get creative under the expert counsel of Oscar-winner
Peter Swords King and his team of world-class tutors. Invest in yourself and your future and start your dream career before you miss out!