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Meet Sophie Roberts a BAMM Graduate from 2017

Sophie Roberts BAMM Graduate 2017
Sophie working on set

This week we hear from Sophie Roberts who graduated from BAMM last year and has already seen huge success in this exciting career in such a short space of time. Sophie has recently landed the position of main team trainee of TV series Britannia 2 having worked on dailies alongside other BAMM graduates. Congratulations Sophie.

When did you decide you wanted to be a makeup artist?
Makeup for me was always a fun hobby I loved to do, and would always spend the weekends doing makeup for friends and family. I was really torn on what to study after I finished school, but knew that makeup was something I thoroughly enjoyed but didn’t know anything about how to start a career in the industry. It was only after researching different courses and jobs that I knew this was my dream job and something I really wanted.

Did you have a particular field you wanted to specialise in?
TV & Film all the way. Although I love theatre, beauty and body art, TV & Film have always fascinated me because of the huge scale of looks and the process/planning that goes into it.

Why Did you choose BAMM?
Choosing BAMM was the easiest decision for me. The course looked (and certainly is) FANTASTIC. The tutors and guidance are both amazing and the support they give to you once you leave is incredible.

Did your ideas of what you wanted to do following your training change during the course?
I started BAMM with a very open mind, as although I knew I loved TV & Film Makeup, I didn’t want this to stop me working very hard within other fields in the industry. BAMM just made me even more certain of the route I wanted to take.

BAMM Graduate Sophie Roberts works on Britania 2
BAMM Graduate Sophie Roberts works on Britania 2

What was your favourite bit?
I don’t think I could pin point which particular part of BAMM was my favourite. I really enjoyed SFX with Daz, as we got the opportunity to do the BEDLAM event, and I also found period hair extremely intresting, but I would have to say being given the opportunity to work for Belissa Clothing for the new clothing line photoshoot was fantastic and gave us a good insight of what working for different businesses would feel like.

What was your first job following your training?
BAMM gave me lots of opportunities to work with different people, such as Uni students, or photograghers on small shoots/films which helped give great experience into working in the industry and boosted my confidence.

How long after leaving BAMM did it take you to get a foot in the door?
Although BAMM do help you get work, you definelty have to have the want to search for it. When I was on my last week of BAMM I already had small jobs lined up, which gave me confidence for once the course had finished. Although jobs can sometimes be hard to get, you’ve definelty got to keep trying and working towards your dream.

How did you get your in?
BAMM helped me get to where I am right now. They emailed me regarding work on the TV series Britannia 2, and from there I landed daily trainee jobs with the production. I have now recently been given the fantastic opportunity for a full time trainee position working for the main makeup team.

What have been your highlights?
Britannia 2 for sure, although you learn lots at BAMM, nothing can compare to when your actually working within a job and all the helpful tips and tricks you learn.

BAMM Graduate Sophie Roberts works on Britania 2
BAMM Graduate Sophie Roberts works on Britania 2

What advise would you give to your younger self?
Don’t stress too much about the future, focus on the now and if you work hard enough you’ll get there in the end.

Whats the dream?
To be able to carry out the job I love and work my way up, gaining even more confidence and skills.