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Meet Kath Rich BAMM Graduate in 2015


As often as Possible we will be bringing you a Q & A from our postgraduates to find out how their Makeup artistry careers have taken off since leaving BAMM. Please feel free to leave comments, ask Questions and get in touch for further information, You can also find our posts available on our News page on the web site https://bammakeup.com/news/

Kath Rich BAMM Graduate
BAMM Graduate Kath Rich at Work

Today we are introducing you to Kath Rich who completed the Peter King course here at BAMM in 2015 and who has since gone on to work on some incredible projects and who is also now extremely successful in the industry. She is in an absolute inspiration especially to the students looking to get out of a job they dislike and move into a career they love. We can’t wait to see where Kath goes next.

When did you decide you wanted to be a makeup artist?

I wanted to do a career change as I was unhappy in my job. I would watch period costume dramas/films and wish I could work on them.

Did you have a particular field you wanted to specialise in?

I didn’t have a particular field I wanted to work in when I first attended BAMM. I just wanted to learn as much as I could.

Why Did you choose BAMM?

Due to having a mortgage I couldn’t afford a three-year university degree course. I needed a course that was intensive, short and local.

Did your ideas of what you wanted to do following your training change during the course?

Yes, I thought I would love makeup but by the end of the course my passion was very much for wigs and still is.

What was your favourite bit?

I enjoyed it all although it’s safe to say special effects was not where my talents are!

What was your first job following your training?

Creative Skillset Trainee on Poldark Season 1.

How long after leaving BAMM did it take you to get a foot in the door

About 3 weeks

How did you get your in?

I was lucky enough that a tutor at BAMM put me forward for work experience on Poldark. I worked for free for a week and was then taken on as a full-time crowd room trainee.

What have you worked on since?

Tv & Film

  • Agatha raisin -sky Atlantic
  • Kath Rich Worked on Time Crashers
    Channel 4 TV Series Time Crashers

    Time Crashers

  • Another Mother’s Son – film

And in Theatre

  • Anything Goes Uk tour
  • Hairspray Uk tour
  • Beautiful-west End
  • 42nd st – West End
  • The Moderate Soprano-West End


What have been your highlights?

42nd st is by far my highlight. It was extremely hard work but thrilling to see a cast of 58 wearing over 100 wigs each show. Working in such a prestigious theatre was incredible. The spine tingling moment when all the dancers came tapping down the illuminated stairs wearing their fingerwave wigs after a very fast quick change, the orchestra and rapturous applause on press night will certainly stay with me forever. I feel immensely proud of being involved to have set up and been involved with that production.

Anything you would change? What advise would you give to your younger self?

I wouldn’t change anything, I’m a firm believer if you work hard and are determined you can achieve whatever you want. Don’t expect other people to find you work, you have to be hungry for it and use your initiative. It’s no ones place to find you work other than yourself! The advice I would give to a younger me is take a break between jobs if you need to. It’s very easy to keep taking jobs just because you don’t know how long you might be out of work but it’s important to look after yourself so you can give each job 100%. It’s all about first impressions, work hard, be enthusiastic and honest about your abilities. If someone asks you to do something you’re not confident in then be honest. In my experience designers and HOD’s would prefer you to be honest, as a trainee you aren’t expected to know everything but you will work just as hard as everyone else. You will have to make sacrifices, whether it’s going wherever the work is, working unsociable hours etc, it can be tough at times but it’s so worth it.

Whats the dream?

My dream is just to be happy in a job. I’ve worked my way up to my current position as HOD In theatre in the West End but I’m just as happy working as an assistant. It’s not about the position I have, it’s about remaining passionate about my job and enjoying it. In short I’m living my dream.