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Meet Bea Garcia BAMM Graduate

Catchup with Bea who has had an amazing time in the film industry since gradualting at BAMM. She kindly took some time out this week to let us know hw she is doing.

Bea at work

When did you decide you wanted to be a makeup artist?

To be honest, I didn’t consider it as a career for a while, I did Psychology at college and then decided to change paths and try a shot on what I liked since I was a kid.

Did you have a particular field you wanted to specialise in?

At the beginning, I was particularly interested in prosthetics and body painting, once I started my training I realised there were some other areas that I actually enjoyed way more.

Why Did you choose BAMM?

I’ve always been a fan of Peter’s work, adding a plus on the location in the beautiful Bath and of course of the tutors working in the industry is something invaluable.


What was your favourite bit?

I really enjoyed creating characters with Jacqui, the knotting with Carol and all the period and vintage. I love researching and I like to learn new skills and learn from challenging situations.

What was your first job following your training?

My first experience in the industry was designing UWE student short films, my first paid job was as a daily trainee in the crowd room of Stan and Ollie.

How long after leaving BAMM did it take you to get a foot in the door

In July 2017 I was selected for the Trainee Finder scheme, which allowed me to dedicate myself only to makeup in January on 2018 as I got a placement at the ITV drama Strangers for 6 weeks.

How did you get your in?

I worked really hard, try to do as many jobs as I could while having two part-time jobs, trying to contact as many people as I could, then going into work experience to learn how a set works and the job itself. I applied for the film schedule in trainee finder and I wasn’t successful, but then as they gave us feedback I reapply for the HETV drama one and got it. I still needed to keep applying for jobs and getting myself out there until the opportunity arrived.

What have you worked on since?

I did around 10 short films, most of them designing some other es assisting, commercials, then Stan and Ollie and Mary Poppins Returns as a daily trainee in the crowd room, as a main team trainee I worked in Strangers (ITV), Fortitude 3 (SKY Atlantic) and currently I am working in Killing Eve 2 (BBC America) as a junior.

What have been your highlights?

Every step on the road it’s been a highlight, I feel extremely privileged that I can work in what I love and surrounded by amazing teams.

Anything you would change?

Make the decision to start a new career earlier.

What advise would you give to your younger self?

Get out of the comfort zone, it is when the magic happens

What’s the dream?

Keep learning and working with such a brilliant team. Maybe design one day, but for now, follow the natural steps on the industry.