Special Effects Makeup Course

This Special Effects Makeup Course is ideal for anyone wishing to learn specialised techniques and application methods for the creation of realistically simulated injuries used in the TV & Film Industry. This makeup artist course includes training in Casualty, Wounds & Prosthetics.

The SFX Makeup Course

This special effects makeup course is taught by the renowned Darren Longthorne whose skills and expertise have taken him across all genres of the entertainment industry. Darren’s expertise in sculpting, prosthetics, model and prop making has seen his work showcased across many different realms of the industry. Darren Longthorne Special Effects Makeup Course TutorHis work includes the sculpture for the Vivien Westwood Brit award, the fabrication of armour and shields for the hit TV series the Vikings, and personal prosthetics required for complete transformations on stars such as David Walliams and Peter Kay.

This intensive two-week SFX makeup course will arm you with the required skills, whether you’re an experienced makeup artist wanting to update, or enhance your knowledge in Special Effects Makeup. If you have no previous experience and want to develop and learn to create realistically simulated injuries, this is the course you have been waiting to discover. Darren will guide and help you to maximise your creative talent so even a complete beginner will leave having accomplished many specialist techniques!

Here are just a few of Darren’s many credits across the film and television sector:

Thor, The Dark World, Star Wars Attack Of The Clones, Wrath of the Titans, Granada TV’s Coronation Street, A&E, Blue Murder, BBC drama Bodies, C4′s Shameless and the BBC’s Body Farm, Casualty. Prosthetics creator- Channel 4 series No Offence, CBBC prop maker So Awkward and Mr Tumble, Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights (severed Head) City and the Sitter, Period drama The White Princess and Scenic artist for Ninja Warriors.

Careers in Special Effects Makeup

As a special effects make-up artist you will work within the entertainment industry:

  • TV Broadcasters
  • TV and film production companies
  • Theatre companies
  • Fashion show producers
  • Magazines

If you believe the entertainment industry is right for you, consider our Special Effects Makeup Course and jumpstart your career by gaining the relevant training, knowledge and experience to excel as a qualified special effects make-up artist. Our courses are all BAC approved so you will receive a certificate that is recognised in the industry. Working in Special Effects is creative and rewarding as well as an exciting opportunity to work with celebrities on locations that can be anywhere in the World.

Course Dates

12th – 23rd Aug 2019


£2,400 (inc. VAT)

Become a Casualty Specialist


  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Thor
  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Dark World
  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Star Wars Attack Of The Clones
  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Wrath of the Titans
  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Blue Murder
  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Splintered
  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Bad Lad
  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Bodies
  • Special Effects Makeup Courses by Darren Longthorne - Credit Always and Everyone
Finance Options

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Included in The Course

Special FX Kit bag 

Including: Kit Bag, paint brushes, on set illustrator palette, Makeup Armoury – sculpt gels, bloods, Ben Nye bruise wheel, sculpting tools and accessories



  • Casualty effects – Black eyes, broken nose, split lip, scabs, spots and blisters.
  • Bullets wounds – entry and exits.
  • Stitching a wound.
  • Working with 3rd degree and sculpt gels.
  • Burns makeup – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree scaring.
  • Creating various effects and pigmenting latex.
  • Sculpting and moulding assorted wounds and scars.
  • Working with Pro Bondo, from design to application.
  • Sculpting, painting and application of various wounds in direct applied silicone.
  • Producing a scar tray mould and casting wounds in gelatine including painting and application.
  • Creation of a realistic severed finger using a silicone mould from a life cast.
  • Face casting and sculpting facial injuries & understanding the floating process to produce a prosthetic piece for makeup application.

Some of our students’ work

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