Hair Laying and Hair Punching into Prosthetics

This one-day hair masterclass is for industry professionals and practising Makeup, and SFX artists wishing to perfect and master the art of laying hair onto bald caps, prosthetics pieces and real-life body parts.

The Mastercass

The areas covered will include adding long hair to bald caps to create a thinning head of hair, creating realistic facial hair such as a moustache, beard or sideburns and the use of lace to create stubble. From a whispy rogue hair found on a mole, chin or nipple to coarse wiry overgrown eyebrows or protruding nose or ear hairs.

Hair punching into prosthetics includes the use of a professional hair punching kit and the original cork and needle method. The focus will be on direction and hair type and will cover punching and trimming to create stubble, body hair and pubic hair both sporadic and dense in formation. .

Course Dates

4th April 2020
One Day Course
09:30-16:30 with an hour for lunch


£195 (inc. VAT)