The Burns Materclass

This one-day masterclass is for professional, practising makeup artists and SFX enthusiasts wishing to specialise in burns.

The Masterclass

Participants will watch and practise various methods and techniques used to create realistic burns using a variety of sprays, creams, gels, skin paints, SFX materials and professional makeup products. The burns covered during this masterclass include; Friction burn, cold burns, thermal, electrical and chemical burns.

Participants will be advised on how to identify the severity of the burn and in doing so will learn to create a realistic reproduction of the injury throughout its various stages of severity and classification including First Degree (superficial) burns damaging the outer layer of the skin.

Second- degree (partial thickness ) damaging the lower layers of the skin resulting in swelling and blistering and Third-degree burns (full-thickness) going through the dermis and effecting the deeper tissues causing the skin to burn, bleed and char.

Course Dates

4th July 2020
One Day Course
09:30-16:30 with an hour for lunch


£195 (inc. VAT)