Under 18 One Day Makeup Courses

These under 18 one day makeup courses are available to any young aspiring makeup artists. These courses provide the future generation of makeup artists, or anyone just interested in makeup, a glimpse of how professional artists work behind the scenes. These short but insightful days, cover several basic skills and, hopefully, leave you wanting to pursue a career in the makeup industry.

TV, Film & SFX workshop for under 18’s

Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm with 45mins for lunch

£75.00 inc. VAT

2nd February 2019

1st June 2019

Due to high demand we are running a  special taster day for budding Makeup Artists aged 18 and under.

Get a glimpse of life as a makeup artists for TV and Film with creative tales from our innovative tutors at BAMM who will inspire you and enlighten you on just what goes on behind the scenes on some of the most well known TV shows and blockbuster movies. Learn from the industry’s best and watch as they demonstrate wounds, cuts and scratches, fake sweat, blood and tears and create your very own stories and watch your characters come to life!


Theatrical Makeup Workshop

Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm with 45 Mins for lunch

£60.00 inc. VAT

January 26th, 2019

Ever wondered how large West End shows are put together? How do dancers keep hold of their wigs whilst leaping across the stage and what is it about the makeup for theatre that enables us to be able to see it from so far away and under those bright lights?

This hands-on interactive workshop will entice you into the heart of theatre land, with tutors demonstrating the art of theatrical makeup and wig application used on some of the biggest shows in the West End today.

Fashion, Beauty & Editorial Makeup Workshop

Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm with 45 Mins for lunch

£60.00 inc. VAT

16th Feb 2019

21st July 2019

Get creative in this fun, colourful and inspiring makeup workshop designed to capture your imagination. Design your very own Avant Garde masterpiece drawing inspiration from the fashion industry’s wildest designers and fuel your desire to break out the glitter and neon colours!

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