Linda A. Morton

Makeup & Hair Designer

linda-mortonWith 20 years in the television industry Linda has created her niche, specialising in prosthetics, special effects and character makeup and hair.

Recently, Linda has been working in Spain on the set of Game of Thrones, creating wigs for the Dothraki. She has been personally requested as the makeup artist to Hollywood Actor Liam Neeson and for her prosthetics and special effects makeup for Clash of the Titans. It is not surprising that Linda’s name has also been behind some of our biggest blockbuster films such as, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Criminal, Finding Neverland and The Fifth Element.

With such amazing skills in special effects and prosthetic makeup, Linda’s CV includes credits for popular BBC and ITV thriller series such as, The Deep, Primeval 3, Heartless, Waking The Dead and Judge John Deed.

When Linda isn’t working on gritty thrillers or designing gruesome injuries she works on children’s television, commercials, pop promos, corporate and photographic work. She has recently published a makeup continuity system, available to makeup industry professionals.

Specialist Areas

  • Film Makeup
  • Period Hair

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