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Learning Knotting for Facial Postiche & Wig Making by Rebecca Clare


During my time at the Bath Academy of Media Makeup (BAMM) we were taught how to knot facial postiches as part of Peter Sword King’s Intensive Film & TV Hair & Makeup Course. It was the only module from the course where individuals in the class had differencing opinions on the task set out for us. We were asked to create a character look of our choice, involving a hand knotted (by ourselves) facial postiche!

Throughout this task it became apparent to us that, although facial postiche was a very time consuming (and sometime even a touch tedious) skill, mastering the art of knotting hair can come as a huge benefit when working in theatre- and even more so in the Film and TV industries. Once learnt this skill can be applied to create any style of hairpiece, including wigs!

Before and After

Our insight, of just how valuable the technique of knotting can be, surfaced mainly due to the time we spent knotting in order to create ONE facial postiche. This, in turn, inevitably flagged to our realisation that to buy one would by no means be cheap- let alone the cost of a full, lace knotted wig! So, not only did this module give us a valuable tool that could save some pounds, it gave us the invaluable appreciation of facial postiches and the amount of care they require.

On top of this, I found knotting really therapeutic and really enjoyed transforming my model into a completely different character by adding some hand knotted ‘lamb chop sidies’ and a moustache.

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