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Jump… You Might Just Fly by Victoria Beynon


Now, I obviously wouldn’t encourage anyone to literally see if they can fly – sadly we cant. However, metaphorically, I did jump.

I’m 35, married and with a mortgage; I had a great job in radio, that I was good at and I loved everyone who I worked with. However, ever since I can remember, I have always been OBSESSED with makeup, dressing up, film, theatre and everything that goes with it.

In my conscious mind, all of this was just a hobby and I didn’t really consider actually doing something with it. Subconsciously, everything I did do was creative. At college I studied Art & Design, at University I studied Graphic Design & Communication. I then went on to work in marketing for a national radio brand at a regional level.

I really liked my job and all of the fun and exciting things that came with it – but it wasn’t my passion. When I met my husband 10 years ago I was really keen to get in to makeup and a friend of mine had come across a great course, which sounded so exciting that I really wanted to do it. Nonetheless, I’d just got engaged and so we were saving for a wedding – as well as saving for a house. We decided the time wasn’t quite right.

As the years went on I settled in a radio job and progressed in my position but I always had that voice in my head telling me to leave. The longer time went on, the  scarier and scarier the option to leave became. Having a regular income is hard to give up. Then, last October, my job was put at risk for a third time in my career. I was re-employed there within the week but my gut was in knots and so I was determined to make the break.

By then, we had no holidays booked or anything else to save for… so I jumped! I resigned and signed up to start at BAMM the following January… and I haven’t looked back since! I am loving every second of the Peter King TV & Film Makeup Course and sooooo excited for what the near future might hold.

So my advice.. Jump, you might just fly!

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