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Jana Dent PSK Advanced Course Graduate 2021

Peter Swords King Graduate Jana Dent left BAMM in the summer of 2021, and oh my goodness there has been no stopping this girl! We caught up with the talented gorgeous Jana and this is what she had to say……

Since graduating from BAMM in July 2021 (and before I’d even finished) it’s been a whirlwind. I have spent a few days on Amazon Prime’s “Jungle” and a week on BBC “Casualty”. I did hair and makeup for the Drummer and lead singer of HAWXX for their debut music video “Death of Silence” which went on to win Best Rock Music Video at the imv awards. Soon after that, following some work experience at a well-known sfx workshop in London, I got my first bigger job on “Compulsion” for Channel 5. We filmed in Liverpool for 6 weeks, during which I was lucky enough to have 4 main cast assigned to me as part of my responsibilities.

I’ve got BAMM to thank for a huge amount of these and today I have just landed a 6 month contract on Disney’s Snow White remake working under MUA Nadia Stacey!!! 

My feet haven’t touched the ground since leaving, it seems. I am forever grateful and cannot express how fun and varied this career has already shown itself to be. I have met gorgeous people and have felt such a sense of belonging like never before. The future looks bright 😊

…. Jana – Thank you for your incredible update, we had no doubt you would fly into the industry, we suspect you have a very bright future ahead of you!