Funding on BAMM Makeup Artist Courses

You should be aware that BAMM is one of the leading Academies for Makeup Artist Courses and not a state funded school or college. As such regular student loans will not be available to you. We know from our short courses that some of our best talents can slip away because the cost of the course can be prohibitive at their life stage.

BAMM Working to Make Courses More Affordable

We understand deciding how to fund your course is a very important decision. We have been working to find ways to capture natural talent by making our courses more readily available. In doing so we are pleased to announce that all our career building courses are available on finance at great rates so a BAMM Makeup Artist Course can be a real career opportunity.

Specialist Financing

When you think of financial institutions and lenders, you may have predetermined ideas of a faceless, cold organisation but we’re glad to say that we have found a company that is very different. Established in 2008, the concept behind Ideal 4 Finance was to assist in creating a level playing field, whereby specialist businesses are provided with a facility enabling them to compete with larger organisations when it comes to offering and securing finance.