Life After BAMM

We pride ourselves in the aftercare we provide our graduates which is on-going for as long as you need us.  Students who have graduated from the Peter Swords King Intensive course often go straight on to work in film, TV or theatre as trainees which is paid work.  However, you will also need to be prepared to start accepting work which is unpaid to build up your experience and make contacts.  This is very important to take on board as you will most certainly pick up other jobs by getting out and about and moving in the ‘right circles’.

We also offer an agency which you will be invited to join.  We can provide a platform for your work and website so you can demonstrate a good portfolio of photographs for clients.  We do not make a charge for this service as we feel this is all incorporated in our after-care policy to help our graduates find work.  Prospective clients will therefore contact you directly and it will be up to you to negotiate your costs and book your work.

Peter Swords King will try and find placements for you on his latest film – although this may not be possible if he is working overseas.

Our tutors will, whenever possible, take graduates either paid or unpaid and will help put you forward for work if they feel it is appropriate.

We are more than happy to meet up with you further down the line if you feel you need to come back and see us for a chat.