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Contouring and Baking by Georgia Warren

Georgia completed our Peter King Television and Film Makeup Course earlier this year and, by the looks of things, she hasn’t stopped learning neat new tricks and skills!  In this blog she talks about the art of Contouring and Baking.


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]kay, so contouring has been around for a couple of years now (with the likes of the Kardashian gang making it very popular!). However, there’s a new craze taking contouring to another level… Baking!

Keep reading if you want to learn tips and tricks on how to contour and bake your face!

First step is to apply your foundation as normal, I like to use a flat ‘Kabuki’ brush sprayed with MAC’s fix.  Doing this helps makes the face feel hydrated- as well as giving you that oh so sought after ‘glow’.

Now on to the contouring…

Using a concealer, which is about 2 shades lighter than the rest of your skin tone, apply this in a triangle shape under your eyes along the bridge of your nose, chin, cupids bow and the centre of the forehead. This is going to highlight these areas of the face, making them brighter.

Then, using a cream contour colour-this time 2/3 shades darker than your skin colour, you’re going to apply it to the hollows of your cheekbones, along the edges of your nose and on to the top of your forehead. In contrast to the highlighting effect this is going to make the areas ‘sink back’ creating definition. My favorite way to blend these two out is with a damp beauty blender. I usually then go back in to set my contour with MAC’s ‘Sculpt’ Sculpting powder from their PRO range (which is on their website).


Now to the baking….

It is the new trend to ‘bake’ your under eye concealer. This helps to make it set your under eye area so it doesn’t crease, as well as empahasing the brightening effect underneath your eyes. In the pictures I have used Bobbi Brown’s loose powder in the colour: pale yellow. Using a triangle silicone sponge and a generous amount of product, I apply it to the under eye area- again, in a triangle shape. I tend to apply this then carry on with the rest of my makeup. Once done, I then use a small tapered brush to brush away the excess powder under my eyes.


[x_custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″]Recommended products for contouring and baking[/x_custom_headline]

beauty-blender real-tecThe beauty blender retails at about £14.99. However, a cheap alternative is the Real Techniques sponge, which costs only £5.99.

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The Bobbi Brown foundation stick is a great way for contouring as you simply draw it on where you want it to go and blend it out. Retails at £29.50.

These are the two powder products I use: Bobbi Brown’s sheer loose powder for ‘baking’ and MAC’s Sculpt sculpting powder to set my contour.

BB RP: £26.00       MAC RP: £16.50

bb-powder mac




You can find out more about Georgia at her website – http://www.georgiawarrenmakeup.co.uk/

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