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A Class with Peter Swords King

Our class of Peter Swords King Film & TV Hair & Makeup Artists have just completed their module in Period Hair and have produced some stunning designs in keeping with their chosen eras. With Oscar, BAFTA and Academy Award winning Hair & Makeup Designer, Peter Swords King, as their tutor, the odds of excelling in this speciality were most definitely in their favour.

Peter, who is responsible for designing and styling the cast of many a film – including the cast of the recent Star Wars: The Last Jedi, was a huge inspiration for our class of budding Film & TV Makeup Artists.

From the Classical Greek styles to that of the Spanish and Italian Renaissance, Elizabethan Era, 18th Century – and then everything in between (and after), becoming successful in creating authentic period makeovers is as much about skill and artistic talent as it is about having good knowledge of history and being dedicated to researching the era fully.



Peter usually teaches the ‘Research in the Industry’ day within our Peter Swords King Film & TV Hair & Makeup Course. With a background in wig making, he is only too aware of the importance of having good historical knowledge in order to create truly authentic period hair and makeup looks. Knowing what life was like in the period and what was available gives a far greater understanding of why people looked the way they did.

For example, Elizabethan Hair Styles for the court were led by Queen Elizabeth. Upper class fashion, which included hairstyles, were highly elaborate and necessary to achieve attention and success at court. It was referred to as the Peacock age as the upper class Elizabethan men were often more elaborately dressed than the women and their hair and beards received a similar amount of attention!

Our graduates normally get to know Peter best whilst joining him for their work experience on set after completion of training at BAMM. With just a few weeks to spare, prior to commencing work designing the hair and makeup for his next two big movies, it was a true privilege for our current cohort to be taught in the classroom for two full weeks by BAMM’s hugely talented Creative Director.


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