A Life in Makeup – From Camouflage to 80s

It’s a Cover-Up

As part of our on-going Intense Makeup Course we had Sue Bradbooke in from Changing Faces to perfectly demonstrate, and talk to the students about the importance of learning camouflage skills.  Sue demonstrated how to help a person who has been injured through accident and illness and how we, as makeup artists, can help build confidence and change the lives of people with a little knowledge in these fine skills.

Using specialist products, a good eye and understanding of colour, a makeup artist can really make a difference and at the same time be very rewarding. Teaching a client how to conceal a birthmark or play down a scar or burn for everyday living WILL enhance and improve a life.

If we move this discipline into bridal, think about assisting a bride (or groom) or member of the party who wants to cover up for special pictures.  Or maybe media/film; how about a presenter or actor who has a tattoo they need concealing for particular film/job or event etc. This is an invaluable skill for any makeup artist worth their salt.

Sue Bradbrooke’s Tips:

As part of our regular feature, I pinned Sue Bradbooke down for her top tips in Skin camouflage:

  1. No.1 rule… always work hygienically!
  2. Work methodically and organise your equipment before your start.
  3. Never make assumptions to what your clients concern is.  Always ask what is concerning them first; from an open question you can really learn a lot.
  4. Explain and demonstrate your method of application clearly and ensure your client understands – be clear and concise and….friendly!
  5. Enable the client to reproduce the camouflage – explain your method, discuss colour and light etc.  Aim to educate.

Afro Circus Afro Circus…!

We have also just welcomed Kamaza Amiyah; London’s top session stylist and expert in Afro Caribbean hair.  After a stint at London Fashion Week we managed to zip her down to Bath where she put the girls to the test, styling Afro Caribbean hair; working with extensions, corn rows and wefts. The results were amazing and all agreed that although Kamaza made her work look easy, this certainly was a specialist skill that required focus and dedication.

All that Glitters

Also thrown into the mix of talent last week was Body Art & Theatre Tutor, Maria Leyden who set the girls to task, working in character, theatrical, ageing and drag make up.  The glitter came out and the makeup results looked utterly fantastic!  See for yourself….


After an astonishing week of high glamour and skill, it culminated in me, setting our fashion girls the task of creating ‘high fashion’ looks with BAMM at the forefront on two gorgeous models.  These were the results, which all tutors agreed, were worthy of professionals! ……

VIP Opening….!

This week, we will be welcoming top makeup artist and BAMM Fashion & Theatre Tutor; Christine Bateman to really turn up the heat for this week’s fashion frenzy.  Christine will also be at our forthcoming Spring Open Day’s; meeting and greeting potential students and media.

Christine Bateman’s Tips

Below we have some nuggets of advice on fashion makeup below from one of the best makeup artist’s in the industry:

  1. A light reflecting concealer can be used for everything – be creative!
  2. To make glitter ‘punch’ (really stand out) press it onto a non-powdered base.
  3. If you are using red gloss don’t take it out to the edge of your lips to avoid bleeding, even better, ‘pencil in’ a light lip line first.
  4. For summer, a slightly mineralized face powder looks better than a matt powder – save these for the winter months.
  5. Softer eyebrows are very ‘in’ right now, so forget harsh lines and feather your eyebrow

And Finally…

We have just secured two jobs from a couple of production companies who are hankering after our students to use on their latest projects! Very exciting news and no rest for our first BAMM graduates!