Bleeding Wounds Masterclass

The Bleeding Wounds Masterclass is taught and designed by Kirstie Stanway who is currently the series designer of the BBC’s award-winning and long-running Drama Casualty.

The Masterclass

For the past seven years, Kirsty has been producing prosthetic bleeding limbs and creating real-life injuries and traumas ready for actors to begin filming their scenes. These types of injuries can range from a small suture that bleeds, operating on broken limbs to full craniotomy’s.

Often injury specifications change when filming, and quick improvisations are needed when resetting for the varying camera angles and as such, this weekend masterclass is designed to teach makeup artists the skills needed to not only create such effects but also how to overcome the challenging elements needed to bring the prosthetics to life and ready for action (or operation!).

During the two-day masterclass, participants will learn how to sculpt flat moulds and Probondo’s and incorporate these smaller pieces into larger injuries such as de-gloving open wounds and prosthetic limbs. Kirstie will demonstrate by mixing a variety of mediums and explain drying and setting times of such products and when and where these fit best when making quick but realistic effects that need to incorporate Blood Pumps and tubing. Participants will then make their bleeding injury ready to come to life for camera.

Course Dates

7th & 8th March
This is a Weekend Course
09:30-16:30 with an hour for lunch


£495 (inc. VAT)