The Bald Cap Masterclass

This 2-day masterclass is for industry professionals and practising Makeup artists wishing to hone their skills in this specialist area.

The Masterclass

The art of achieving a realistic and well fitted bald cap that has perfectly blended edges and a realistic skin paint is an art form and one that is often required in the industry. Peter Swords King has just recently had to assign a huge team of artists to create hundreds of bald caps for the new Roald Dahl adaptation of the Witches, so we are only too aware of the importance of being able to, make, fit and paint bald caps to perfection.

Bald caps are also used to create a platform for a receding and thinning hairlines as well as being used to protect the hair and ensure a clean face cast when making face prosthetics.

During this 2-day Bald Cap masterclass participants will learn the following:

Course Dates

25th & 26th April 2020
A two-day weekend course
09:30-16:30 with an hour for lunch


£525 (inc. VAT)

Day One

Day Two

  • Measure and make a template that follows/ mimics the hairline.
  • Wrapping the hair for a bald cap
  • Make your bald caps using bald cap plastic for professional use and latex for prosthetic use.
  • Sponge, brush and airbrush techniques will be demonstrated and practised.
  • Working with Pre-made bald caps
  • Releasing your bald caps
  • Painting your bald cap to include freckles and blemishes
  • Bald cap application and the perfect blending edge
  • Troubleshooting and minimising wrinkles, creasing and difficult edges
  • Bald cap removal and clean up.