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Back to Basics

With it being the first week of our Peter King Television & Film Makeup Course our students have stripped back their makeup and started again, looking at how to make the perfect no makeup look.

Moisture-Rich-Foundation-SPF-15Learning about primary colours and when applying them to makeup how it can help and when using concealer how to cover those dark circles and dreaded spots, but also what colours counteract each other.

As a makeup artist it is essential you can colour match foundation our students are using Bobbi Brown foundations, these are perfect for a natural look as they have yellow tones that blend well with our natural skin colour.


Another skill the students have learnt this week is highlighting and contouring and how to recognise their clients face shape. Highlighting is perfect for accentuating bone structure and making cheek bones pop. Contouring works in the same way but it gives the illusion of being smaller.

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