A Life in Makeup – All we hear is Radio Gaga


This week I have been up and down the M4 like a yo-yo, in and out of studios like a groupie, buying makeup like an extra on The Only Way Is Essex and talking to the BBC about my fantasy date with Christian Grey!  To add to all of this, I am also starring in a very special video.  No I am not being led up the wrong path… all roads lead to BAMM!

Monday 12th Movember:  WHAT THE FCC!

This morning I am booked in to shoot a video/pod cast using Front Cover Cosmetics, working with the wonderful photographer/videographer; Tony Blake.  It is all systems go as this was a last minute request and we are pulling out all the stops!  The video will be going into Fabulous Magazine (The Sun), so we set to it!  Panic sets in as Tony arrives from Chester by 9.30am but the courier with the new FCC Sparkler kit has not arrived yet!

Thank goodness I am rejuvenated after my Isle of Wight visit over the weekend.  I have applied my foundation, powder, eyebrows are perfect and lips nude.  As Xmas Seasons sparkler involves lots of glitter so I wear MAC ‘Blankety’ and apply Bobbie Brown’s new Melon Blush.

The Sparkler arrives (finally!) and as Tony has set up the lighting and cameras and I have revised my script we start immediately. Tony makes use of lots of gold and silver reflectors to create maximum impact with the Gold sparkle I am applying and the end result is amaaaay…zing! (we will reveal this on the BAMM Facebook page soon!)

By lunchtime we are done and I’m off to the TV studios (piece of cake..!) x

Tuesday 13th Movember: BAMM BUSINESS BITS

Off to the studios and after my session I write up a whole host of new BAMM One Day Courses for Xmas (let me know what you think!?)  I also tuck into some BAMM Admin.  Now the academy has progressed into a fully functioning, working school, there has been an acceleration of admin and as the Academy Principle it falls into my lap.  There are lots of legal boring stuff in my diary today, most of which I am sure you will all be yawning at, so I will skip the detail!

After my riveting morning, I research BAMM student enrolments and get to organising a whole host of hair and makeup models for the forthcoming bridal course next week, sorting times and organising a photographer for the shoot.  Makeup artist turned business woman within 6 months!

Wednesday 14th Movember: SHOP TILL WE DROP

Spend the entire morning ordering stock, from Airbase makeup, and Mistair products for our brand new Iawata machines.  I also buy up Salons Direct and very excitingly, have linked up with a brand new top notch supplier of all electrical hair supplies… CLOUD NINE! Check them out!

In the afternoon I take Emma Rankin out shopping to Westfield to stock up for the BAMM Bridal course.  I end up purchasing a huge range of Inglot makeup (see the BAMM Facebook page for all details!) Once equipped with every shade of eye shadow, foundation, powder, lip-gloss etc. we return laden down with goodies.   I think we made the shop assistant’s day!

Sleeping on the job...Thursday 15th Movember: TIMETABLING

Up early and out to the ITV Studios.  On my route home I drop in at my favourite Afro hair store to pick up hair extensions, (our Bridal course will teach students how to make and apply your own clip in extensions for the bride).  I spend the rest of the morning in an attempt to start scheduling BAMM tutors into respective course modules for the New Year!  This is a case of the more you do the more there is to be done!  Working out timings and dates are sometimes tricky and one hour turns into six!

I also have a large ever increasing social calendar to organise with my studio Rosters now Christmas is coming! So I get to work, and buy a new diary pronto (I have been told to work with an on-line version…maybe next year).  Next on my list is to create accounts with different stockists and suppliers…. (hello…hello… are you there?  ‘….zzzzzzzzzzzzz’)


Today I spend the day at the Studios and like Cinderella at midnight I am back down the M4 carriage way to Bath to be up and ready in time for my radio interview with Phil Hammond from BBC Bristol.  Beauty sleep commences (even though this is radio, I need to look as good as I sound!) I am discussing my top tunes and fantasy dinner party guests (catch the interview on the BAMM Facebook page!) or click here to listen.

Saturday 17th Movember:  50 SHADES OF BAMM

The interview at BBC Radio Bristol was a success!  What were my top 5 celebs at my dinner party? Kevin Aucoin; any student should know (or research now) this amazing talent of a man.  He could charge anything up to $10,000.00 for a shoot and was worth every penny.  Christian Grey (need I say more ladies) and Coco Chanel; did you know her real name was ‘Gabriella’ and she was raised in an orphanage? She started making her empire at 30 years old – she is what I call the ultimate inspiration.

After the BBC its back to BAMM to pick up a week’s worth of parcels that have been redelivered from my shopping efforts at the beginning of the week.  After I have set up at BAMM, I am ready for my bridal course – phew!  I’m then back up the motorway to the London studios for my afternoon session!

Sunday 18th Movember: ALL BRIDALLED UP!

The studios are forever calling and so is BAMM – feeling like I’m on a mental stretching rack at the moment!  I’m ready for my 2 week stint teaching the bridal make up course and I simply cannot wait!  Everything is in place and my bags are packed and I’m looking forward to making use of the Tutors Cottage (trying it out for size!)

PS: You will notice the ‘Movember’ reference this week.  Please support this wonderful idea – if you’re not growing a moustache (or putting up with one!) Please visit http://uk.movember.com for further details!