A Life in Makeup – Oh Blog it!

We are a little behind with the blog but all the more reason to read and catch up!  The final (and best) part of our Bridal Course was completed this week, with an appearance from the lovely Harry Tucker. What do you all think of the pics?!  All will be up to date in blog land very soon…

Monday 26th November:  YOU CANNOT HARRY A GOOD THING!

prom-harryToday, camouflage expert Sue Bradbrooke (from our charity ‘Changing Faces’) kicks off with a session in skin camouflage technique.  I make myself scarce as Sue has everything in hand, and pop into town to make a few tutors’ cottage purchases.  It do this whilst chatting to my PR who thought up until at this point that I had dropped off the edge of the world!

After lunch we have 6 local school girls (from Prior Park and Haysfield) in who are all keen to be transformed into prom queens! We’ve airbrushing going on…we’ve glitter everywhere…there’s fun and fanciful hairstyles, up do’s, curls, waves, sits and fish bones!  (It’s like a scene from Grease!)

By 6.00pm we are ready for photographer Georgia and a little treat for our wonderful models! In walks Hollister Model Harry Tucker to assess the good work!  After the initial excitement and squeals about Harry’s visit, there was ultra-cool silence when he walked in (!)  Being a true pro Harry got them out of their shell and into model mode in a three hour session.

We wrap at 9.00pm and after I packed up and everyone has left I’m exhausted.  Last day tomorrow….

Tuesday 27th: THE HONEYMOON

I think we are all shattered by yesterday’s 11 hour day! (Nothing like a bit of realism for the students!) We spend the first part of the session, product building and making notes and then we go through booking a consultation and pricing up a wedding booking. Following that we tackle marketing until lunch.

The last model of the day is a ‘Mother of the Bride’ client; it’s always a bit more of a challenge to adapt a subtle glamorous make up on an older woman, however we achieve perfection (obviously)!  We use foundation and brush methods with cream blush and soft and flattering purples on the eyes. A hair fascinater later and our model is ready for her photo shoot.

After the certificate presentation and final pack down, I look back and feel very pleased with this course. We’ve achieved some beautiful portfolio work ready for students websites and feel I have really given all I have to making this course an extra special one. By 9.00pm I’m finished and I have dinner waiting on the table, my kit and bags are packed and I’m ready for work in London tomorrow.

Wednesday 29th November 2012: LONDON’S CALLLIN’

Up and out early for my drive to London. I’m home by 11.30am and after a quick hello to Emma Rankin who is scooting off to the studios, I quickly unpack my kit as I have Kate (a sports presenter) arriving who requires a personal makeup lesson.  This is for when she has to do her own makeup touch-ups on outside broadcasts (OB’s).

Noon prompt, Kate is at the door with makeup bag in hand, ready to show me her cosmetic collection. After an intense Makeup Master Class, Kate leaves with a big smile on her face and a long list of products to purchase and tailored instructions on how to apply them…properly!

I have another afternoon client, emails to answer and a very impatient PR who is desperate for a bit of input on my availability for career days.  I have new tutors biogs. and images are coming thick and fast from the bridal course shoot.  Vincent Sylvester (BAMM Tutor) calls to tell me about exciting new TV job he has landed as a top stylist (tell you more later)…. After this I catch up with my blog and am about to tackle dates requiring input from me when Kate then texts me a pic.  Her makeup is still on perfectly and she is excited to show her hubby when he gets home. That is job satisfaction for me!

Thursday 29th November: CALLING IT A MONTH!

Well, nearing the end of the month – and what a month! The academy has come alive and due to demand we have added some one day courses (perfect Xmas pressies!) Students are booking for 2013 and tutors are being reserved.  I really couldn’t be happier, and nothing lifts my mood, more than getting admin out of the way (sense the irony?)  I’ve no appointments today but a ton of paperwork is calling.  I get to work scheduling the January term roster, booking in tutors, confirming appointments for career speaking days and ordering of more stock.  I end the day with an extra-long call to my PR!  Stick a fork in me…I’m done!

Here’s a portfolio of shots form the course: