A Life in Makeup – My Top Tips!

Here comes the bride, the tutor and the tips….!

We are now into our 4th week of BAMM’s first Intensive Makeup Course here, and we have really started to step up the creativity! I couldn’t have wished for a better group…I really hope that no matter how big our classes become we keep this very close, personal dialogue with our students. It’s the perfect learning environment (if I do say so myself!)

As well as teaching, I have been out and about, visiting local schools, chatting to students about BAMM and their future career choices, whilst showing off the incredible work of our talented tutors.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

New Tutor Alert!

I am ‘school girl’ excited to announce that…. Caroline (Carol) Robinson (an extremely talented…nay LEGENDARY… wig maker) has joined us! Carol has brought to BAMM an absolute abundance and knowledge of her many years working with actors from all over the globe. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1020354/ (see for yourself!) We will be featuring Carols profile on the website very soon.

BAMM students have been totally inspired and are currently absorbing all of her anecdotes, knowledge and expertise in this field of media makeup! To sum it up… THIS IS WHAT BAMM IS ALL ABOUT!

I have been teaching in Makeup Room 2, on the Fashion, Beauty & Bridal Course. Perhaps I shouldn’t be enjoying this as much as I do – but the enthusiasm is catching! The girls are currently recovering from having just experienced their first bridal photo-shoot with on-set experience. We have also lined up a ‘real life’ photo shoot with models, taking place in the next coming weeks (keep an eye on my next blog).

As BAMM is all about stretching a student’s skill and imagination and discovering hidden talents, I have made the next challenge, a little outside the box! Their objective is to recreate fashion swim wear on real models using body paint and artistry! We are very excited that Melissa Odabash has agreed to endorse the shoot with her collection! (Again, watch this space for the outcome!)

Also on next week’s agenda is to shake up some period looks using a modern twist. I am starting with my favourite era – the 80’s! I will post pics showcasing how they get on and maybe get you lot to vote for your favourite on our Facebook page!

My Top Five Tips…

I am very aware that I have been regularly blogging the top tips from our tutors, but nothing from me! So, to put the record straight, here are my top tips to create a beautiful result:

  1. When achieving make up perfection for an editorial shoot, you need to look out for and deal with fly away/ baby hairs…To tame, I like to use a clear mascara to whip away any baby hairs from the model, it works a treat and really saves the hair from looking too lacquered.
  2. MAC do a great eye shadow pigment called Coquette. Used with a Bobbie Brown eyebrow brush it really can be used on pretty much every eyebrow to perfectly define without looking fake or pencilled.
  3. After airbrushing a makeup, I love to rehydrate the skin and set the makeup with Dermalogica’s Hydrating Mist (for a cheaper version try Body shop Vitamin C Spritz). It gives the skin a fresh, dewy look and is wonderful for brides on their big day.
  4. If you want to achieve big hair or are hankering after a style where you don’t have enough hair, there is always a solution! That is hair extensions or pieces. You can make your own for a fraction of the price by buying the correct colour and sewing them yourself or pop into your nearest Sally’s and have them bought for you. Always purchase real human hair so you are able to heat style it and if you can’t get the exact colour, ask your hair dresser to dye them for you.
  5. When it comes to hair grips there are so many different varieties to choose from, but they all have a purpose. When used properly, your up dos will be so much easier to create! Kirby grips- (buy them matt as they hold the hair together better), split pins (they come in all lengths and thicknesses), if you have very fine thin hair, you may only need small fine pins and heavy thicker hair that requires something more substantial hold… you’ve got it… a heavier, thicker and longer split pin!