A Life in Makeup – Angela’s Tips

As our first intensive course gets under way, I popped into BAMM HQ today to see exactly what is going down and happened to bump into the one and only Angela Williams who is currently tutoring our Intensive Course.

Back to Basics with Angela Williams

Angela Williams lives in Yorkshire but is settling into the Bath lifestyle with ease.  As with all BAMM tutors, Angela has a wealth of experience behind her and has recently finished working as a makeup designer on the film ‘Splintered’.  Having just stepped off the plane from filming the TV series ‘Benidorm’ I asked Angela to provide you with her top tips on basic makeup application.  Think you know it all?  Read on!


Angela’s Top Five Tips!

CATS’ EYES: When applying eye shadow, it is sometimes difficult to get your angles correct. To achieve that flattering ‘feline’ eye shape with great definition, use the flat edge of a tissue and align it from the corner of the eye up to the eyebrow.  This gives a great guide to keeping your eye shadow within the margins and will reduce pigment from falling onto the skin.

NIVEA TO THE RESCUE: It can be really frustrating as a makeup artist when you have finished a beautiful application; perhaps applied a great smokey eye and darn it…the concealer under the eye has spots of pigment in it, making your artists eyes look dark and tired.  The Trick? A tiny spot of Nivea Creme on a cotton bud just wipes away and picks up the pigment, refreshing the eye.  No need to redo the concealer again and no cakey dry under eyes!

BLACK NOT WHITE: When applying false lashes discard of the white lash glue that comes with the lashes and purchase black eyelash glue. It will save you so much time, it will not show and it has a thinner consistency and colour that will also enhance your real lash line.

FAKE TAKEAWAY: If you are applying fake tan on yourself or artist and you happen to get it on your hands (never a good look) men’s shaving foam rubbed over the hands and washed off will take away the stain immediately.

A LEAN TRICK: When applying eye shadow onto your artists face hook a small powder puff onto your little finger to lean on. As the warmth from your hand can take off and move the make up.

Thanks Ange, and of course I knew all of these tricks…Hmmmm…Nivea eh?!