A Life in Makeup – A Bridal Path

It’s full steam ahead this week, with the very first BAMM Bridal course taking place.  Leaving London behind, I am determined to make these first sessions the most amazing experience for all concerned.  With my models in place, photographers at the ready and the school fully stocked and functional, it promises to be an interesting week!  

Monday 19th November: DELIVERY FOR MISS CRUMP!

After arriving in Bath around 2.00am (straight from work) the first thing I do is set my alarm for my Monday morning Bridal class. I want to arrive at the school for 8.00am to get set up and organised and being late is not an option!  Head down, ah…sleep… alarm goes off, up and out the door, coffee en route, into the studio and organising….whoop! First up on the agenda is talking through the bridal Kit. This comprises of a….

  • Portable airbase compressor kit
  • Selection of Mistair airbrush foundations
  • Collection of Fero makeup brushes
  • Derma palette
  • Hand-picked selection Inglot makeup products
  • Variety of disposable applicators
  • Selection of ceramic hair brushes & more…

We set up and begin with foundations; discussing suitability for various skin types, different makeup techniques to change/flatter face and eye shapes, contouring, highlighting etc. We have our first model in for the day and start with a basic, ‘no makeup’ look, into a basic ‘straight’ makeup, into ‘bridal’, into ‘full glamour’.

We grab a working lunch as we are in full swing and next time we check the time it’s 4.30 pm – end of class!  Five minutes break and then I meet a potential new student and show her around the school & talk about course options.

During the day, a number of huge boxes have arrived for Miss Crump! No Christmas hasn’t come early, its BAMM stock; Iwata airbrush compressors, Mistair and Airbase products and – oooh… very exciting is a delivery from Cloud Nine; only the best heat styling equipment on the market!

Tuesday 20th November: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Although he refused to wear a wedding dress, dad still managed to look very pretty for the camera!

Airbrushing is on the agenda today.  It’s a full day of practise techniques, first on paper, making shapes and filling circles, fine lining and this even includes a game of ‘noughts & crosses’ to really make sure everyone understands PSI’s & techniques.  After lunch it’s time to practise on our next model and I am after a natural makeup – into full glamour using airbrushing all the way. I am using Mistair’s highlighters which are fab!

The class is finished by 5.00pm and I seamlessly dive into a whole host of BAMM admin and chores that need my attention. We have the builders in to fit shelves but in true Crump style, I coerce them to put up our photo studio equipment (what else is mascara for anyway!) After labelling up boxes of stock and housing them into my newly shelved stock room I head home.  A good day’s work!

Wednesday 21st November: BRIDE & ZOOM

Today’s first model is in by 9.30am and we get straight to work. As we have a slightly older client, we practise a light airbrush, complete with dewy look, for a fresh and flattering day make up that looks immaculate but at the same time natural.

After lunch our next model in the chair is a pro model; Kelly has arrived ‘bridal ready’ with her wedding outfit from 10 years ago. At 4.00pm Georgia (student photographer) arrives, and we play around with lighting and reflectors to demonstrate the importance of HD photographic perfection.

We are finished by 5.30pm and I pop into town for a quick glass of wine and chat with Kelly before heading back to BAMM HQ to tidy up and set up for tomorrow’s lesson. I decide to stay in the BAMM tutor cottage and have a cosy dinner with friends. (I must admit whilst friends were cooking I catch 40 winks as I’m feeling sick with tiredness!)

Thursday 22nd November: EXTENDED SESSION…

Today we are all set to experiment with hair; luckily my sister is the perfect model as she has extensions that are due for removal, so we set out to take out micro rings, clips and sewn in weave which requires patience, skill and a steady hand.

Following a thorough wash and comb-through we begin blow drying and as we are working with curly hair, straightening.  Afterwards I demonstrate the art of hand-making extensions, clip-in fringes, wefts, switches, hair padding and bun rings.

After lunch we have a real bride in the chair which is the perfect opportunity for a full consultation, practise and mock wedding trial. Our model Claire is looking for a vintage look and we aim to please. We practice and apply a flawless airbrush finish with a soft contoured eye with a flick of bold eye liner and a bold, retro inspired red lip.

We then apply our new found hair skills to transform a short bob, with maximised volume from Cloud Nine O’s and create a beautiful soft low chignon with the use of additional hair-pieces, clipped in, backcombed and complete with bridal vintage accessories. Claire is delighted with her trial and once complete, we run through the process of taking a booking, timings, reference pictures and making notes etc.

Our photographer Georgia arrives and we commence a ‘portfolio building’ photo-shoot. We’re done by 5.30pm and I am off out of the blocks; meeting an old friend at 6.00pm in town (Bristol based hair stylist Gemma Gully).  Afterwards I am straight back to BAMM after for a quick tidy and organise for tomorrow’s session.

Friday 23rd November: BRIDES MADE!

One of our first students learning the ropes…

First up on the agenda today is hair and heat styling waves. There are so many techniques that can be applied to achieve the ultimate wave of choice, however in this session we look at a variety of conical waves, curling with straighteners, tongs and rollers. I then demonstrate how to set and achieve a tousled wave, a soft curl and pure ‘red carpet’ glam!

We then do a master class in volume;  achieving height with Mega Dust and back-combing techniques and then take a look at thickening hair products and thermal protectors, discussing how to use for maximum effect.

Next up is ‘lunch on the hoof’ on a trip to House of Fraser.  If anyone can tutor a makeup shopping trip I can! Students get the low down of my best, tried & tested products, advice building a kit, how to earn discounts and discussing job opportunities for skill building as a freelance MUA.

In the afternoon our next model arrives in the form of my gorgeous sister Jo (who only just got married last year).  She brings her full beautiful ‘Ian Stuart’ bridal dress and we set to work achieving the ultimate beautiful bride, complete with an intricate French roll and delicately placed diamond hair pins.  After the transformation and photo shoot is complete, I meet up with my good friend Stuart Manning who has come down for the weekend to enjoy a relaxing (work free) weekend in Bath.

Saturday & Sunday: YOU CAN ‘TRY’!

After a full-on week, I have a weekend of chillaxing and shopping planned. This is quashed when I am talked into a full day of watching rugby in the local pub (men!) As a compromise, I drag a reluctant Stuart around the Bath looking for decorative objects to adorn the BAMM tutor’s cottage with.  It’s always good to have a strong man with you to carry your boxes and bags!

After much cheering, pints and packs of crisps, we return home and meet with friends and family before settling in for the evening back at the tutors cottage (looking amazing with the new trinkets in place) for an impromptu cheese & wine tasting session.  We switch on the TV and Stu commentates on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’.

Sunday morning is a very lazy affair however after lunch I’m back at the cottage to put my head into some serious course tutor organisation and certificate printing. Thank goodness I LOVE my job!