Funding your course is undoubtedly the most important decision for you to make and as BAMM is a private training academy there are no student loans available for our courses. We invest in the best tutors that we can provide for our students, Your work is mainly all practical and hands on with regular photo shoots to build your portfolio and included in the Peter Swords Kings Intensive Course is a professional fully extensive kit worth over £2,000. Private training schools are very different to tuition in a college or university that offer government backed loans for the reasons we have highlighted above and most importantly helping you find work after your course and providing you with all the industry contacts.

  • Private funding – this is undoubtedly the best way to pay for your course with either the help of family or take the time to save up yourself – it can be done with enough will power!
  • Credit Card Loans – We do accept credit cards although we do have to make a charge of 2% on this method of payment.  Make sure the ‘APR’ is acceptable before you apply and shop around for the best rate.  
  • BAMM Payment Plan – We can arrange for payment of your course by arranging staged payments.  We do however require the 25% deposit to be paid upon enrolment and all fees will need to have been paid by the time the course finishes.  Some students have used this method to pay well in advance of their course date so that the monthly payments are more manageable.  We do charge an administration fee depending on the time scale and if you would like to discuss this in more detail please get in touch.
  • Creative Skillset – Eligible participants can apply to  for a bursary of up to 80% for freelancers under the Film Bursary Scheme. You can find out more on the Creative Skillset site or by calling the Bursary Team on 0207 713 9829.  (This is only available to film professionals who have been actively working in this industry and the maximum amount you can claim is a funding grant of up to £800).